The meeting of CORAL network

coral meeting
Partner meeting of Coral network was held in the building of representation of Baden-Württemberg province in Brussels on 25ht of June 2015.
The network of European regions CORAL is informal region community, with the goal to improve regional politics for active and healthy aging. That is the network of studying and creating cooperation in the process of innovations. The main goal of CORAL network is trust between the partners who invest energy and creativity in this valuable cooperation and work on the implementation of innovative solutions for active and healthy aging. Dubrovnik -Neretva county and regional development agency DUNEA are the first two Croatian partners who joined this network.

In accordance with the European Innovation partnership for innovations in active and healthy aging (EIP AHA), CORAL network contributes to improvement of sustainability and efficiency of social and health system through EU projects and works on strengthening and improvement of market competition for innovative products and services and even creating new possibilities for companies.

European sustainable energy week EUSEW 2015

european energy
European sustainable energy week EUSEW took place during the 15th-18th of June in Brussels. The entire series of conferences dedicated to sustainable energy, gathered large number of energy experts, representatives of governments, regions, civil society and media.
Opening speeches were held by: Maroš Šefčovič, the vice president of European commission in charge of energy , Miguel Arias Cañete, european commissioner for climate actions and energy, Fatih Birol, chief economist of Global energy economics, Tord Lien, Norwegian minister of Petroleum and Energy and Jerzy Buzek, EU parliament representative.
This years manifestation was focused on the role of responsible consumers in the new energy community and movement of the EU towards its goals of sustainable energy in the areas like energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

The annual meeting of ERRIN

errin meeting
The annual meeting of European region network for research and innovations ERRIN, was held on June 11th 2015 in the building of representation of British regions Greater Birmingham & West Midlands in Brussels.
ERRIN network serves as a platform for researches and innovations of different organizations and regional partners, whose main goal is to strengthen regional research and innovation capacities by exchanging information and linking regions and partners through common initiatives and projects. The main focus of ERRIN network is to increase project possibilities for its members. ERRIN has 127 partners/regions from the whole Europe.
Dubrovnik – Neretva county and regional development agency DUNEA became the first Croatian members of the network in September of 2014. ERRIN has the key role in Brussels and it works closely with European institutions and other relevant networks and organizations which want to increase interests of regions in research and innovations.

A taste of Dubrovnik and Slavonija in Brussels

prezentacija 3 zupanijeDubrovnik Neretva, Brod Posavina and the Vukovar Srijem Regions were presented on Tuesday 02nd June 2015 to the EU institutions and potential partners in the heart of the EU, in Brussels. On behalf of three Croatian regions, the guests were welcomed by the President of Dubrovnik Neretva Region Mr. Nikola Dobroslavić.
Since the people best know each other with a good food and wine, the emphasis was to present eno-gastro specificities of three regions. Through the taste of Dubrovnik and Slavonija, guests were introduced by wine and food expert Rene Bakalović. Guests were also able to hear that Ston oysters were obliged to Menu of many European royal kitchens, and that the wine Traminac gladly drank the Tudors on the British court.

Open doors day and Festival of Europe 2015

As part of the annual European Week, Brussels and its European district celebrated on 09.05.2015. the Festival of Europe and Open doors day. The Representative Office of Dubrovnik-Neretva Region organized a stand at the Committee of the Regions to present the Dubrovnik-Neretva, Brod-Posavina, Vukovar-Srijem and Karlovac Regions' tourist and gastronomic offer, as well as guides for foreign investments and successful cases of implemented projects financed by the EU. Along with Croatian regions the event hosted many exhibitors of other European regions as well as organisations and European lobby networks.


Through the County Development Agency over the past three and a half years a number of projects have been realized or initiated for which more than 7 million Euros have been provided by the EU

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