Roaming charges across the EU have been scrapped

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From June 15, roaming charges across 28 European countries will no longer be in place. The European Union has scrapped roaming charges following a vote in the European Parliament in February. Now EU citizens won't be charged extra for calls, SMS messages or internet outside their home countries, when travelling in the EU.

The wholesale cap, announced in February, was the final piece of the roaming puzzle that will enable people to move freely around the European Union without paying any extra to use their phone. Those on a mobile contract in an EU country will be able to use their available allowance of calls, texts and data as they would in their home country while pay-as-you-go customers will pay the same rate regardless of what EU country they are in.

EU negotiators have been working to put an end to roaming charges for nearly a decade. The deal on wholesale fees is intended to ensure operators can continue to compete fairly across the EU. Customers who exceed the limits of their contract or allowance while roaming will also not be charged any more than the wholesale caps. Reviews of the caps will be made by the end of 2019.


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